About us

The Integrated HR is a leading provider of wage parity solutions and employee benefits to home care agencies. Our team of accounting and legal experts fully understands home care agency operations and the federal and state laws and accounting regulations governing them.

Home care agencies are our singular focus; we’re thoroughly aware of their unique nature. We study each situation, determine eligibility for wage parity plans and then guide our clients seamlessly and legally through any transition.

Our goal: ensure that The Integrated HR’s clients utilize their wage parity spend for benefits that home care aides will actually use and appreciate. Contact us for a free review of your wage parity spend.

Our Partners

As part of The Integrated family of companies, Integrated HR has access to leaders in the fields of accounting, legal governance, and financial planning. Treating each client as our only client and working collaboratively with them, the team at Integrated HR assesses, analyzes and designs a wage parity structure of benefits that will be used and appreciated by your aides.